Detailed product information

SeaCult Cable Protection is a market leading provider of subsea cable, protection systems and has been designed in conjunction with one of the world’s largest offshore operators and a leading EU concrete production company.

Patented Design

Lifting Hooks

SeaCult Cable Protection lifting hook allows easy installation using divers. Five covers per hook gives eleven metres of coverage per lift with a total of 4.1 tonnes.


SeaCult Cable Protection is designed for ease of transport and loading by crane or forklift. With over 80 linear metres (30 tonnes) stacked in a 40 ft ISO Container.

Lifting Points

SeaCult Cable Protection has a certified lifting point in the centre of each cover to facilitate easy lifting, recovery and deployment with a hook or lifting strop.

Hook & Pad Eye System

SeaCult Cable Protection has a certified hook and pad eye system making it easy to connect and deploy. Using a chain lock makes lifting secure.


SCP 210

  • Weight : 210kg/m
  • Inside Height : 15cm
  • Outside Height : 27cm
  • Length : 230cm
  • Width : 105cm

SCP 370

  • Weight : 370kg/m
  • Inside Height : 25cm
  • Outside Height : 40cm
  • Length : 230cm
  • Width : 120cm

Custom Sizes

  • SeaCult Cable Protection can be manufactured to match customer requirements

Design and Engineering

If required, SeaCult can carry out full detailed design for every component within the system in- house

Working alongside the installation contractor, SeaCult can carry out installation verification to ensure the systems suitability with the chosen installation method.

In order to ensure the designed solution will function over its full service life, SeaCult can carry out full service life verification for every project.

  • Minimum 25-year design life for the protection of cables or small pipes
  • 50 year design life if manufactured using stainless steel
  • Protection from 1, 10, 50 and 100 year storm events
  • Independent protection against scour development
  • Impact protection, typically up to 400mm rock
  • Can be designed to accommodate other forms of cable protection for example articulated split pipe
  • More efficient and requires considerably less deck space than the concrete mattress equivalent
  • Dropped object protection
  • The SeaCult system provides a level of impact resistance to reduce the risk of dropped object damage