In 2001 SeaCult installed the first of its products into the sea as a test project in Risør, Norway.

Our development and testing of the products has been done in collaboration with both industry experts and research institutes and companies for example; Statoil, Hydro, Spenncon and Strengbetong Consolis Group, SINTEF, NIVA (Norwegian Institute for Water Research), Hammerfest Municipality, Seaworks, Ingenium, Swire Seabed in Norway, Aquamarine Advisers in Sweden, The Zayed International Prize for the Environment and Nakheel in Dubai. 

Since then we have delivered projects from Dubai in the south to Hammerfest and Kirkness in the North. This work have provided much experience and knowledge in product developments. In 2015 we developed our new cable protection systyem SCP370 with diverless installation solutions in collaboration with Consolis and Swire Seabed.

Project BKK/Amundsen Diving.

Kalmar Baltic Offshore

NEAS Kristiansund Norway

Numerous Swedish Inter-Island projects.